Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Statistical Data of Internet Usage India 2013

Here I come up with some interesting news for you. Do you know that how many users used internet in India? So, I am here to show you how many internet users in India.

Here are some statistical data for you that may surprise you, be ready for it.

India Data Snapshot:

I am surprised after seeing this statistical data. Do you?

Internet Indicators:

How much time Indian spends on internet through PC and mobile.

Social Indicators:

12% of Indian Population use the social media spend near about 2 hrs on it.
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Social Media usage by Indian:

Don’t be surprised; 94% of Internet users have Facebook accounts and play with it daily.

Smartphone Usage:

India has been growing towards to become an innovative country.

See the above statistical data carefully and target your audience on that manner. This will become a success key for the local SEO companies.

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