Thursday, June 5, 2014

Starting with and Microformats

Sorry friends, I am late this time due to some other activities. But don't worry from onwards we will go together. As I promised last time, today we are going to learn about the schemas and microformats.

The first question arise in your mind that what is Microformats and why it is helpful a website to get ranking higher???

 What is Schema?

In simple words, it is a type of microdata that makes your website content search engine readable and understandable. It means that search engine can easily interpret & parse information of your webpages. There is the centralized home on web for each & every schema for each and every search engine to standardize the structure. We call it a

Where to apply Schema???

There is a simple statement “schema is applied where html is exceed.” Hope you will understand & now your idea will be more clear.

Why it is important for my website?

Lets learn this with a simple example. Almost all the website list their address details on the Contact us page or else page with paragraph or break html tag. Do you think that Google consider it as address?? No, Search engines don't. So now what to do? There is only one solution for it and it is Microformats.

And that things we will discuss in next post..!! Keep Enjoying. Be happy every time even in office.