Saturday, October 20, 2012

Off Page 2:-Social Bookmarking

           Social bookmarking is a method or technique that increase traffic and backlinks in websites. It is the process of submitting website links to different different social bookmarking sites. Bookmarking help in link building, traffic generation and site ranking.

seven steps for submitting a site on Social Bookmarking

The above image shows the layers of submitting site/blog on SocialBookmarking Site.

Benefits of Social Bookmarking:-
1) Get more and more Links - more social bookmarking    submission more generated back links.

2) Increasing Visibility & Branding - Submitting to Social Bookmarking Sites puts your blog or    website out there in front of millions of people.

3)Increasing Traffic - as more people read your blog or  

  website and then vote for it and more traffic to your site    increases.
Though it is a powerful tool in promoting a website but it is very time consuming.

Steps for Social Bookmarking:-
1.Sign up in social Bookmarking Sites.

2.Press "Submit New Story" Link.

3.Then Enter your Url and Continue.

4.Next Page describes the source url and automatically takes your Title.

5. Insert appropriate Title, category, keywords and Description.
    (There should be not a mistake in spelling).

6. Then click on a "save changes and submit".

This is how to submit a site/blog on social bookmarking sites.

This increase the traffic and site rank up.

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Next time we will discuss on how to generate traffic in your sites.
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Friday, October 12, 2012

Off Page:-1:-Directory Submission

The above image shows full path of "Directory Submission".

Directory submission has proved to be a important technique for gaining quality one-way incoming back links through Different sites.Submitting to directories are the easiest way to get quality incoming backlinks.

There are many directory sites that give three types of submitting directories.

These are :-
    1>-Paid Directory submission.
    2>-Regular free Link Submission.
    3>-Regular Free Reciprocal Link.

All the Directory submission Sites have same layout.
There is no need for sign up.

Steps for submission:-
1). Open site.
2). Select the categories.
3). Press "submit link" link in menu bar.
4). Insert necessary data. This data contains your site name URL, site details(description), title and Keywords.
5). Enter captcha code and then press submit button.

This is the process of submitting a directory.

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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Start on "Off Page Optimization"

        OffPage Optimization refers to techniques and Search Engine support processes that help web page search engine ranking but are not on the web page. Off page optimization is largely about build a website and  awareness on the internet from site other than your own.This includes competitive link research, designing and link buildings campaigns. Over time off page elements are critical in terms of improving website rankings.

There are mainly six techniques for "Off Page Optimisation".

1>- Directory Submission
2>- Social Bookmarking
3>- Article Submission
4>- Press Release Submission
5>- Blog Commenting
6>- Forum Posting.

That We discuss each in next post.
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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Back Links from websites

Search Engine highly depends on qualities of incoming links to increase your high rank.

This video shows >>>>"Getting Backlink From Site"<<<<

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Monday, October 1, 2012

This image shows how to build Link to the social bookmarking, Article Submission.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

First Tip

Hi I am one of the Beginner of the SEO at CompIndia Technologies in Ahmedabad.

This image shows >>>>>>>"How crawler works for the Search Engines"