Friday, July 25, 2014

Importance of Schema and Microformat by Ketan Raval

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This time I am bring a presentation on the "Why Schema and Microformats are important for website SEO".

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About the Author: -

Ketan Raval is the nurturer of the LetsNurture web Solutions Ahmedabad. Running an IT business since 2009, providing services of web, mobile and digital marketing.

Friday, July 11, 2014

How to Add Contact Details in Contact Us Page Using Microformats.

Hello friends, Hope you are doing fine and enjoy you life. In the last post we have discussed about the basics of Microformats. What it is, why it is and where to apply???

Now It's time to come up with the types of microformats and how to use them in your website:-

For contact details: -

<div itemscope="" itemtype="">

<div itemprop="address" itemscope="" itemtype="">
<span itemprop="streetAddress"> Enter first Line of Address</span>
<span itemprop="addressLocality">Enter Street, area etc </span>
<span itemprop="addressRegion">  region name </span>
<span itemprop="postalCode">Pincode<br></span>
<span itemprop="addressCountry">Country name</span>
<span itemprop="telephone"> your Telephone no</span>
This above code will help search engine to identify the content what you have written in your website page.
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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Starting with and Microformats

Sorry friends, I am late this time due to some other activities. But don't worry from onwards we will go together. As I promised last time, today we are going to learn about the schemas and microformats.

The first question arise in your mind that what is Microformats and why it is helpful a website to get ranking higher???

 What is Schema?

In simple words, it is a type of microdata that makes your website content search engine readable and understandable. It means that search engine can easily interpret & parse information of your webpages. There is the centralized home on web for each & every schema for each and every search engine to standardize the structure. We call it a

Where to apply Schema???

There is a simple statement “schema is applied where html is exceed.” Hope you will understand & now your idea will be more clear.

Why it is important for my website?

Lets learn this with a simple example. Almost all the website list their address details on the Contact us page or else page with paragraph or break html tag. Do you think that Google consider it as address?? No, Search engines don't. So now what to do? There is only one solution for it and it is Microformats.

And that things we will discuss in next post..!! Keep Enjoying. Be happy every time even in office.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Local SEO: Importance of Meta Title, Description and Tags

Hello friends; Hope you are doing well and you had enjoyed holiday too. I also enjoyed. In the last post we have seen the scenario and basics of the local SEO like what local Search Engine Optimization is and why it is needed today?

So, now we will start the discussion on the “on page changes” first, then we will move towards the OFF page and SMO. I think one question will be arising in your mind that “what is On Page Optimization”??? It is one of the most important factors of SEO or we can say right hand on it. In the on page optimization, changes will be done resides on the website, not on any other source.

Importance of On Page Optimization in Local SEO:

It is too hard to get your website in the high ranking globally but locally it is too easy to get but for that one can have some easy but curious steps. Here we have described curious steps to follow if you really want to target locally.

Title Optimization:

The title is the most important part of the Website; it defines what your business is and what the purpose of your business is. For the local SEO, must add a city or region name in your title because whenever anyone search on Google title is displayed in the browser and if anyone wants to search locally then the city name must be written by the user. What you have to add in your title: Name/Site Name/business name, Targeted Keyword, services you are providing. It shouldn’t be more than 70 to 80 characters.

Meta Tag and Description Optimization:

Meta is the short form of metadata; it means data about data. It describes more your business to users as well as Search Engine. Each page should have Meta Desc and tags. Do not forget to add in each page. It must. The length of Meta Desc should not be more than 140 to 160 characters and Meta tag character length should not more than 1000 characters.

In the next post we will see what is How it is important for the local SEO. Stay tuned with me @jayeshseo on Twitter and ParmarJayesh on pinterest…!!! Enjoy every moment of your life, even in office…!!!

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Local SEO: A new way to grow business rapidly

Hello all, till we have seen lots of topics on SEO and blogger tips in the last couple of months and we got good response from you. I got some mail from the people they said that it’s a good way to enter in SEO and blogging field. My friend Ankit Sadariya said that thanks Jayesh for giving a helpful tips.

Recently my other friend Priyank Gohil met me on Facebook and said that I have started a new business named Royal Sports in Rajkot, a growing industrial city of Gujarat state. The business is about selling all kinds of Sports items in Rajkot; He request me that you are in SEO field for one and half year, so can you please give me some good suggestion on how to increase sale in a local area and how to target the local visitors to my website???

So the purpose of this post is that how to increase your sales in a local area? We all know now the internet is growing fast and fast, and each person prefers to search on local web first and go to store and buy products or services.

Local SEO: what it Mean?

It is a process of generating traffic from the targeted location based searching and to improve the reputation locally. For example, co-operative banks which are famous in specific region. Local SEO has been coming in picture for 2 to 3 years, especially in India because of mobile usage. States says that nearer about 43% of all searches on Google and 25% of yahoo searches based on location. In general terms, we can say that “To attract the people locally is Local SEO”.

In the next post we will see the techniques of attracting people towards your business. Stay tuned with me and Grow your business in just short of time. Thanks and Enjoy every moment of Life even in office….!!!

Monday, January 20, 2014

Be Good to #Google: Redirect 404 Page Error to #Blogger Home Page

Hello Bloggers, we are back with the some latest tips that help you to get good reputation in the Google. You have seen the below image lots of time in your day to day surfing; some of them have no idea what it is and close the tab. It is nothing but the Google’s official 404 page not found Error Page.

What is 404 Error Page????


404 is the code for the Page not found error. There is a code for each error in the internet like 500 for the internal server error. It occurs when the requested url is not exist on the server. It is natural if one enter your domain name and open the url and then after write anything then press enter; it throws the 404 page error but what we need to do in such situation that’s issue. So in such situation we have to redirect that page to a specific page.

How to redirect 404 Error page to the home page???

Here are some steps that show how to configure custom 404 page.

1. Login to your blogger account.
2. Go to the setting tab and click on the search preference menu. After clicking on this; browser window will be as shown below:

In the above image, you can see the big red marked box which is editable. You just need to copy paste below code and then click on SAVE button. It automatically redirect 404 page to home page.

<script type="text/javascript">

Sorry, the page you are requested is not found.
within short time you will be redirected to home page.
<br/>BSPNF_redirect = setTimeout(function() {<br/>location.pathname= "/"<br/>}, 1000);<br/>


If you want to redirect 404 error page to other page rather than home page then you can do it easily. You just need to change the path-name and write the<a href="">

After completing all this things, check it out; is it working or not. This is called as testing that you know very well. Stay connect with me Jayeshseo or Jayesh on Google+.

Friday, January 17, 2014

Increase Your Blog #Traffic: Follow Below #SEO Image Optimization Tips Strictly

Last time we learned that how content writing tips helpful for your blogs to increase the traffic. Hope that you have liked it and implement on your blog and experience the new things on your blog.
Have you ever thought that how your blog images show in the search engine? No so do not worry; here I am coming with the new SEO tips for your blog. Image Optimization is not much important, but if you can’t take it seriously then it might affect your blog traffic and reputation. See the below image...!!!


What is Image Optimization?


It is a most effective factor of SEO. Nowadays People love to see images and search it online as per last year statistical data. Google only knows the word not image. If your image has not a proper title or keyword then it is senseless. Nowadays lots of webmasters use the Google Image Search option to find the data.


Most common Image Optimization Tips that you should carry:


Before uploading any image on your blog post read the below optimization tips if you want to increase your blog reputation.


1. Keyword is the king for image:


Keyword is the name for any image. An image without proper keyword is same like a person without name. Try this first download any image from the web and upload an image from your camera; see the difference. You will get my point right? First make a sense for your image by giving a good keyword and then upload in your blog post. Image123.png and photo456.jpg are not allowed but image_optimization.jpg type image are good for SEO.


2. Use Hyphen (_) in Image name:


Now I think that you will change the name after reading the first tip and you might have changed the name like “image optimization.jpg” right? No this is not enough for your blog SEO. You have downloaded lots of images from the web and seen an URL of image. You have noticed that some images URL have contain “%20”; do you know that why it is? It is nothing but the space (  ). URL doesn’t allow space. So it throws “%20”. If your blog images URL of such kind then consider it as a warning. So use Hyphen, it is the better option for you.

3. Image Compression Needed:

You are aware of the size of picture that you have captured from your camera; at least 1-3MB right? Do you think that how much time spends to load the image? It takes lots of time to upload on web and the more to download on other browser. Just imagine that all content is loaded on your browser and still image is loading; what’s your expression? Totally bad right? If you don’t like this then how can you imagine that others can like your post?

So compress picture first and then upload, it reduce uploading time and also blog bounce rate. You can use paint, Photoshop and Picasa. There are also lots of other tools to reduce the size of the image.
Proper Dimension, proper marketing. Proper dimension makes your blog in a proper way to target the people and attract more visitors. It is easier for the crawlers to crawl the content if you have already give dimensions to your picture.


4. Alt and Title Tag importance

One can give description to image by Image and alter tag. One think keep in mind that Google never read images; they only read by their title and alt tag. Always use proper keyword as a title and alt tag. Never use much more tags but only appropriate words that signify the image.

These above tips help you to use proper image in a proper format in your blog. Thanks for reading and we will meet again with the new SEO topics that you will love more than this post…!! Stay connect with me jayeshseo.

Thanks and have a nice day….!!!

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Common #SEO Tips on Content Writing for the Novice Blogspot #Bloggers

Recently I had talked with my college friend Ankit Patel on Facebook and during the discussion, Ankit told me that now you are an experienced person in SEO field so can you please give a good advice on the SEO tips for the BlogSpot blogger. Then I have replied that I will definitely give you  good tips on BlogSpot soon.
So, this is for the all novice bloggers and also for the experienced one who have a good sound on knowledge but not good in SEO. Most of have heard the name “SEO” but do not have a good information about SEO. SEO means Search Engine Optimization and it helps bloggers and website owners to get high rank, traffic and reputation in Search Engines.

Basic Tips for the Novice Bloggers:


Quality should be Maintain not Quantity:

Most of new users think that if they have write more than they will get a good reputation on their blog but they couldn’t because of the quality. You have ever heard these words from your boss, teacher and read in a newspaper or magazine “Maintain Quality” and also this one “Content Quality is Not Good”…

A search engine always searches the quality content so if you maintain a good quality in posting so the blog will be noticed in Search Engine and get much reputation in SERP.

Keyword Research:

You think that keyword research is an easy task then you are totally wrong because it is the much tough task for the bloggers. It takes lots of time to target. The Google’s official tool, Adwords is much more efficient than other tools. If still you have any problem with this then can go to the YouTube videos.

Keyword Density Should Be Maintained at Any Cost:


Keyword density is an SEO content term and it is defined as a number of keyword or keyword phrases in content divided by the total number of content keywords. It should be not more than the 3-4%. I prefer only 2%. Never do stuffing to manipulate search engines. Yes, you can use synonyms and other related words in the post and we say it's a “Keyword Variation”.

Today I have given you some Tips on Content and Keyword variations and content and on the next day we will see how to do Image and video Optimization.

Stay tuned with me on @jayeshseo and also can get live tweeting experience on the our next event #AppFestLetsNurture Ahmedabad…!!!

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Lets Nurture Organizes #AppFestLetsNurture Event on 13 Jan 2014

Hello all, Here is some wonderful and enthusiastic news for me as well as you also. Hope you know that right now I am working as an SEO Executive at Lets Nurture Ahmedabad. You have a good information on events which held in Ahmedabad on next week. Our company is organizing an event named “#AppFestLetsnurture” which is very exciting and wondering event for us.

About the “#appfestletsnurture”:

App Fest Lets Nurture is a kind of event which is founded by the LNT (Lets Nurture Team) and will held a technical event to increase the performance and skill development. To enhance the development, skill, knowledge and ability to work #appfestletsnurture is invented. It nurtures the employee to increase work ability.


Event Details:

Date: - 13-January-2013

Time: - 1:30 PM

Price: - It is secret but it will be in four figure.

Team: - 6 team will be taking part in the event.

Judges: - Ketan Raval (Nurturer of Lets Nurture)

               Utpal Betai (Corporate Android Trainer & Project Manger of Lets Nurture)

Each team has its own name and color code. Like (Diamond, Red). Each team has 2 PHP developers, 1 Designer, 1 SEO, 1 years and 1 Android Developer. Equally divided equally and each team has warriors is ready to fight and trying hard to win the prize. At our event, there are some employees that are reserved, in the sense any team can get help from them, but it is not easy to convince them to do work for the team.

What’s the challenge?

I know that you are keen to know what will happen to the Challenge. The challenge is that We need to complete one web service, android and iPhone app in 24 hours. It’s not over here, we also do marketing for the same. This is a big thing for all of us and opportunity to prove our capability that we deserve that position on which we are right now.

Excited for the #appfestletsnurture event more  than the kite festival 2014. I like kite festival and start playing with kites before one week of the festival but this time it is not possible for me because now I have a fever of #appfestletsnurture on my head.

Stay with us and get the information of event minute to minute on our live tweeting by #AppFestLetsNurture. We all are ready for the thrill and adventure..!!! Stay connect with me jayeshseo.