Saturday, January 11, 2014

Common #SEO Tips on Content Writing for the Novice Blogspot #Bloggers

Recently I had talked with my college friend Ankit Patel on Facebook and during the discussion, Ankit told me that now you are an experienced person in SEO field so can you please give a good advice on the SEO tips for the BlogSpot blogger. Then I have replied that I will definitely give you  good tips on BlogSpot soon.
So, this is for the all novice bloggers and also for the experienced one who have a good sound on knowledge but not good in SEO. Most of have heard the name “SEO” but do not have a good information about SEO. SEO means Search Engine Optimization and it helps bloggers and website owners to get high rank, traffic and reputation in Search Engines.

Basic Tips for the Novice Bloggers:


Quality should be Maintain not Quantity:

Most of new users think that if they have write more than they will get a good reputation on their blog but they couldn’t because of the quality. You have ever heard these words from your boss, teacher and read in a newspaper or magazine “Maintain Quality” and also this one “Content Quality is Not Good”…

A search engine always searches the quality content so if you maintain a good quality in posting so the blog will be noticed in Search Engine and get much reputation in SERP.

Keyword Research:

You think that keyword research is an easy task then you are totally wrong because it is the much tough task for the bloggers. It takes lots of time to target. The Google’s official tool, Adwords is much more efficient than other tools. If still you have any problem with this then can go to the YouTube videos.

Keyword Density Should Be Maintained at Any Cost:


Keyword density is an SEO content term and it is defined as a number of keyword or keyword phrases in content divided by the total number of content keywords. It should be not more than the 3-4%. I prefer only 2%. Never do stuffing to manipulate search engines. Yes, you can use synonyms and other related words in the post and we say it's a “Keyword Variation”.

Today I have given you some Tips on Content and Keyword variations and content and on the next day we will see how to do Image and video Optimization.

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