Friday, January 17, 2014

Increase Your Blog #Traffic: Follow Below #SEO Image Optimization Tips Strictly

Last time we learned that how content writing tips helpful for your blogs to increase the traffic. Hope that you have liked it and implement on your blog and experience the new things on your blog.
Have you ever thought that how your blog images show in the search engine? No so do not worry; here I am coming with the new SEO tips for your blog. Image Optimization is not much important, but if you can’t take it seriously then it might affect your blog traffic and reputation. See the below image...!!!


What is Image Optimization?


It is a most effective factor of SEO. Nowadays People love to see images and search it online as per last year statistical data. Google only knows the word not image. If your image has not a proper title or keyword then it is senseless. Nowadays lots of webmasters use the Google Image Search option to find the data.


Most common Image Optimization Tips that you should carry:


Before uploading any image on your blog post read the below optimization tips if you want to increase your blog reputation.


1. Keyword is the king for image:


Keyword is the name for any image. An image without proper keyword is same like a person without name. Try this first download any image from the web and upload an image from your camera; see the difference. You will get my point right? First make a sense for your image by giving a good keyword and then upload in your blog post. Image123.png and photo456.jpg are not allowed but image_optimization.jpg type image are good for SEO.


2. Use Hyphen (_) in Image name:


Now I think that you will change the name after reading the first tip and you might have changed the name like “image optimization.jpg” right? No this is not enough for your blog SEO. You have downloaded lots of images from the web and seen an URL of image. You have noticed that some images URL have contain “%20”; do you know that why it is? It is nothing but the space (  ). URL doesn’t allow space. So it throws “%20”. If your blog images URL of such kind then consider it as a warning. So use Hyphen, it is the better option for you.

3. Image Compression Needed:

You are aware of the size of picture that you have captured from your camera; at least 1-3MB right? Do you think that how much time spends to load the image? It takes lots of time to upload on web and the more to download on other browser. Just imagine that all content is loaded on your browser and still image is loading; what’s your expression? Totally bad right? If you don’t like this then how can you imagine that others can like your post?

So compress picture first and then upload, it reduce uploading time and also blog bounce rate. You can use paint, Photoshop and Picasa. There are also lots of other tools to reduce the size of the image.
Proper Dimension, proper marketing. Proper dimension makes your blog in a proper way to target the people and attract more visitors. It is easier for the crawlers to crawl the content if you have already give dimensions to your picture.


4. Alt and Title Tag importance

One can give description to image by Image and alter tag. One think keep in mind that Google never read images; they only read by their title and alt tag. Always use proper keyword as a title and alt tag. Never use much more tags but only appropriate words that signify the image.

These above tips help you to use proper image in a proper format in your blog. Thanks for reading and we will meet again with the new SEO topics that you will love more than this post…!! Stay connect with me jayeshseo.

Thanks and have a nice day….!!!

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