Monday, January 6, 2014

Magento SEO Mistakes: Do you do that???

Hello all, I am back with something new for you especially for the Magento SEO people. Have you ever dealt with the Magento Store’s SEO? If yes then hope that you have noticed these below common things.
Hope that the below information will be useful for you and anyone who launching a new Magento store or checking their website.

Some Common SEO mistakes in Magento Store

Home page title name “Home”

As an SEO Executive when I see the homepage title “Home”, I feel irritation. How people could such kind of common mistakes? If you are dealing with the Magento store then go to the CMS page and change the title of the page.

Red Signal “Default Description”

Check your Store’s description field, is it default? Then it would be a red signal for you. Go to System -> Configuration -> General -> Design -> HTML Head -> Default description and change the description as per your store. See the below image...!!!

Meta rel=canonical is not turning on:

Want to save your website from the duplicate content issues. Always turn on rel=canonical for all products as well as category.
<link rel="canonical" href="" />

Title and Logo name “Magento Commerce”

The logo is very much important for any website and it is in the top left side of the website. The name of the logo should be the name of the website and what I can see that most of site’s logo name “Magento Commerce”. That’s not fair for the Magento Store owners.

Sample products and categories in sitemap.

I have seen lots of Magento stores sitemap with the sample product and categories. Please remove sample products and categories from sitemap before submitting it on Google.
The above mistakes you have ever seen in the stores. Do not underestimate these above small things and these things can affect the whole sites. Stay with me at jayeshseo.

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