Thursday, January 9, 2014

Lets Nurture Organizes #AppFestLetsNurture Event on 13 Jan 2014

Hello all, Here is some wonderful and enthusiastic news for me as well as you also. Hope you know that right now I am working as an SEO Executive at Lets Nurture Ahmedabad. You have a good information on events which held in Ahmedabad on next week. Our company is organizing an event named “#AppFestLetsnurture” which is very exciting and wondering event for us.

About the “#appfestletsnurture”:

App Fest Lets Nurture is a kind of event which is founded by the LNT (Lets Nurture Team) and will held a technical event to increase the performance and skill development. To enhance the development, skill, knowledge and ability to work #appfestletsnurture is invented. It nurtures the employee to increase work ability.


Event Details:

Date: - 13-January-2013

Time: - 1:30 PM

Price: - It is secret but it will be in four figure.

Team: - 6 team will be taking part in the event.

Judges: - Ketan Raval (Nurturer of Lets Nurture)

               Utpal Betai (Corporate Android Trainer & Project Manger of Lets Nurture)

Each team has its own name and color code. Like (Diamond, Red). Each team has 2 PHP developers, 1 Designer, 1 SEO, 1 years and 1 Android Developer. Equally divided equally and each team has warriors is ready to fight and trying hard to win the prize. At our event, there are some employees that are reserved, in the sense any team can get help from them, but it is not easy to convince them to do work for the team.

What’s the challenge?

I know that you are keen to know what will happen to the Challenge. The challenge is that We need to complete one web service, android and iPhone app in 24 hours. It’s not over here, we also do marketing for the same. This is a big thing for all of us and opportunity to prove our capability that we deserve that position on which we are right now.

Excited for the #appfestletsnurture event more  than the kite festival 2014. I like kite festival and start playing with kites before one week of the festival but this time it is not possible for me because now I have a fever of #appfestletsnurture on my head.

Stay with us and get the information of event minute to minute on our live tweeting by #AppFestLetsNurture. We all are ready for the thrill and adventure..!!! Stay connect with me jayeshseo.

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