Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Google Taught Rap Genius Practically

25 Dec 2013, Rap Genius is hit hard by the Google because of dubious Tricks of SEO, we can say black hat SEO. Google caught Rap Genius as a maker of spam links and banned. Rap genius has played with Google and going down. It has paid more prices for the same.

About the Rap Genius:

It is founded in 2009 by Ilan Zechory and works as a guide for rap and soul lyrics meaning. It is one of the best text annotation and lyrics site before Google hit. It provides their own religious texts, legal documents to the user. On the website, anyone can register and give his/her annotations.

In short of time the owners of the rap genius have ridden more and his website climbed to eminent and get high position in Google search results. It used Justin Bieber lyrics to get better results in rankings. Before some days, Bloggers are invited by the Rap genius to fall in its “Rap Genius Blog Affiliate” Program. This was the biggest mistake of them and got falling down. After that they got behind in search engine each and every. As per Sam Biddle’s statistical data, the traffic of Rap Genius has decreased 42% which is a higher rate for any website and not good for anyone.

Rap Genius’s Apologize:

After Google’s punishment, Rap Genius realizes that what they have done is strictly prohibited by the Google. So, to stay in Google’s search engine, they have launched a strong and desired link removal campaign. It is really surprising that the campaign got 178000 pages that link to the website. A “scraper” is used to download every page and also determine that is it spammy link or not. They have contacted with their webmasters and requested to remove that links. This campaign removed hundred of links within a short time. Do you know what is “Scrapper”?; It is nothing but the code written by a rap genius coder.

Now you think that is Google satisfied with this campaign? Yes Google satisfied and after that Ilan Zechory the founder of Rap Genius stated that “It just takes some days for Search Engines to index everything again.”

Google’s Red Eye:

This is the red eye not only to the rap genius but also for all the websites who use affiliate program in negative ways and also for spammy link makers. So always believe in White Hat SEO Services and do not take any short cut to get higher in ranking. A White hat SEO can do this then why go wrong???.

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