Thursday, January 23, 2014

Local SEO: A new way to grow business rapidly

Hello all, till we have seen lots of topics on SEO and blogger tips in the last couple of months and we got good response from you. I got some mail from the people they said that it’s a good way to enter in SEO and blogging field. My friend Ankit Sadariya said that thanks Jayesh for giving a helpful tips.

Recently my other friend Priyank Gohil met me on Facebook and said that I have started a new business named Royal Sports in Rajkot, a growing industrial city of Gujarat state. The business is about selling all kinds of Sports items in Rajkot; He request me that you are in SEO field for one and half year, so can you please give me some good suggestion on how to increase sale in a local area and how to target the local visitors to my website???

So the purpose of this post is that how to increase your sales in a local area? We all know now the internet is growing fast and fast, and each person prefers to search on local web first and go to store and buy products or services.

Local SEO: what it Mean?

It is a process of generating traffic from the targeted location based searching and to improve the reputation locally. For example, co-operative banks which are famous in specific region. Local SEO has been coming in picture for 2 to 3 years, especially in India because of mobile usage. States says that nearer about 43% of all searches on Google and 25% of yahoo searches based on location. In general terms, we can say that “To attract the people locally is Local SEO”.

In the next post we will see the techniques of attracting people towards your business. Stay tuned with me and Grow your business in just short of time. Thanks and Enjoy every moment of Life even in office….!!!

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