Saturday, August 17, 2013

Want to convert your Visitors to Customers? Use Conversation Rate Optimization

Do you want to convert your visitors into customers? You said why are you joking? Each and every online businessmen wish to increase their visitors and then convert some amount of them into customers. Now in online shopping trend, shop owners sell much more online rather than physical stores. So, it is necessary to convert your users into buyers.
The Conversion Rate Optimization came in picture to solve above problem. It is a process of optimising your landing pages, sponsored ads and also website design to increase higher no of visitors to your site. Not only SEO can be beneficial to increase customers, it just increases reputation and backlinks of your site.
We know that CRO is useful to improve business but how? Here are some tips for that:

Write attractively and clickable PPC ads:

Mostly relevant to keyword as well as search query and direct to targeted visitors.

Maintain relevancy:

Maintain relevance between landing page and ads on it. The Landing page assures you a guarantee to make your ad easy for searchers.

You can more understand the advantages of CRO from below image.

The above both are good for CRO but one tool is established that contain both above features and no need to hire SEO experts or a PPC consultant to increase Conversation Rate Optimization. The tool is called as a WordStream for PPC that works to raise the relevance of your text ads and ad groups as well as it brings you higher conversation rates at low costs. The WordStream tool can increase your traffic same like below image.


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